Sonic Routes

In collaboration with Sam Croff, Sonic Routes is a project within Professor Jeffers Engelhardt's multi-year "Soundscapes: Connecticut River Valley" project.

Using ambient recordings of different bus stops on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority's map, a sonic dimension is added to the existing cartography. Our hope is that as you listen, you can visualize yourself waiting on that bench watching cars go by as the sound pans from one ear to the other. You can feel the chill of the autumn wind as it rustles the trees and blows scratching leaves across the pavement. You can see the bus arrive to pick up and drop off passengers as the hiss of air brakes and the opening doors assault your ears. And as the sound of two people conversing burrows into your left ear, you realize that not only are you transported to a new social setting, but that with that transportation you’ve extended that recorded community past its physical boundaries.

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