Rosa (2018)

Rosa Olsen is 92. For the past 60 years, she’s lived by herself in a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Copenhagen. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark, when Rosa was 17, her family was smuggled to Sweden in fishing boats by the Danish resistance. There they lived for the next 4 years, before returning to their home that had been looked after by their neighbors in their absence. Not everything was the same, though. How did her experience color the rest of her life? What about Rosa changed? Rosa is a portrait film about a woman on the sunset of her life, living like nothing has really changed. Never having had children, Rosa remained close, in spirit and in physical proximity, to her immediate family her entire life. Her apartment is just a block from her childhood home. Rosa’s quirks and idiosyncrasies aren’t uniquely her own, but in fact are a part of the family’s fabric.

Hampshire College, March 2019

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