Bee Speak, Emily Gear (2019)
stop-motion video projection, arduino controller, cellphone vibration motors, box (Technical Director: Jackson Horne)

Hive Broadside, Celia Jailer (2019)
Printed on a Vandercook SP20 at The Soapbox: Community Print Shop & Zine Library, Philadelphia, PA
Text: Klinkenborg, Verlyn. 2010. Foreword. In: Fisher, Rose-Lynn. Bee. New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 9-12.

"Tools of the Trade," Theo Schiller (2019)
pallets, hive boxes, hive frames, bin hooks, found 16mm film, film rewinds, 16mm viewer, splicer, color film, light box, educational filmstrip, queen mark- ers, lamp, super8 projector, tape dispenser, film cores, chair on wheels

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