Honeybees are vital to the American food system. By some estimates, bees are responsible for 50% of the food on our plates. They’re also one of the smartest and most organized species in the animal kingdom. However, as we push the bees to their limits in our quest to expand our consumption, we’re actually helping the bees’ natural predators and pests. And as we further throw the entire world ecosystem in flux due to our role in climate change, we make it still harder for the bees to live and thrive.

Bee Space is an installation, including a short documentary, surround sound video, 360 VR video, a letterpress print, hive sculpture and stop motion animation.

I hope that it illuminates some of the issues facing honeybees in New England at the turn of the decade, and perhaps find lessons for all people from the bees themselves.

Pollinator RT: 18:00, documentary (16mm, HDV)

Inside the Hive RT: 3:15, virtual reality installation-360 Video

Buzz Room RT: 5:20, video installation (DV, 5.1)